I'm launching a NEW blog! At Wild.

Hello, hello, friends.

For the past year, I've been trying to get back in to the flow of writing for A Thrifty Hippie. I redesigned, created a new 'mission' statement, and tried a new approach to blasting out these posts, but I need to face it — I just.. don't want to do it anymore.

And that's okay! It's okay to change your mind. It's okay to realize something is no longer right for you.

I still believe in everything this blog has stood for over the years — low-impact living, simplicity and minimalism, and saving money. But my passions and interests are changing and growing. Which is why I am SO excited to announce...

I just launched an entirely new love project :: At WildNotes on adventure, simplicity, and everyday wanderlust. 

I am thrilled about this new chapter. It feels more like me. And I'd love for you to join me there. Head on over and subscribe if you'd like to. It would really make me happy. But if it's not your thing, I totally understand and respect that, too.

The type of stuff you can expect from At Wild ::

  • Reflections on nature and the outdoor lifestyle
  • Tips and how-tos for breaking into adventure sports
  • Travel stories and love notes
  • How to give back to the planet and do as little harm as possible
  • Inspiration, photography, and videos (all made by yours truly!)

Basically, it will incorporate everything A Thrifty Hippie stands for, but through the lens of the outdoors, adventuring, and enjoying nature.

Thank you all for reading, sharing, and being a part of my world over the past three years. Sounds silly, but this blog has helped me through some really tough times. I am so grateful for every one of you hitting 'subscribe' and following along.

I wish you nothing but love and light, and hope to see you over at At Wild! (Subscribe here!)

Love, love, love.