Skip kids, save the planet? An email from Dr. Mora

Recently I read this article in the New York Times, where scientists predict that by 2047, our coldest years may be warmer than the hottest years in the past, which would lead to a host of serious environmental problems. Chilling. Freaky. Deeply disturbing. Maddening. Disheartening.

So I emailed one of the researchers from the article, Dr. Camilo Mora, who specializes in global conservation and threats to biodiversity. And I asked him: If there was one thing I could do to help, what should it be?

Skip parenthood, save the planet?
Skip parenthood, save the planet?

Much to my surprise, Dr. Mora actually responded. Within 10 minutes: (!)

Some how, in a way I do not know yet, we need to make people aware of how serious this problem is and for them to take action. If you find out this way, please let me know.



Okay. I'll get working on that, but in the mean time, I wondered, what actually is, in his opinion, the most pressing issue of our time? He replied again:

I think overpopulation. We need to make people understand that we need to have less children. Everything else will be hopeless. I doubt we will ever give the comfort of our lives over climate change, so the alternative is lets convince people to have less children.

Dr. Mora also shared one of his recent, unpublished papers (and I was getting ridiculously school-girl giddy by this point). I skimmed through, but already knew I agreed with Dr. Mora's theory.

It makes sense—more people = higher demand for food and water, increased carbon emissions, declining natural resources, etc. etc. The earth's decreasing 'supply' simply cannot meet humanity's growing 'demand.'

This is one way we can truly make a massive difference. It's bigger than paper towels, people. Maybe we're already on our way to smaller families? Studies say especially smart women aren't reproducing, fancy that.

Thoughts? Is having no kids or maybe just one something you would be willing to do? On Dr. Mora's initial response, how do you think we can increase awareness of the need to honestly reduce our environmental impact and spark true action?

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